About the Diaries

As one of many volunteers with the Freedom Bus Ministry, I have, on occasion, felt moved to record my experiences on a personal level. These writings I shared with friends on Facebook as my “Freedom Bus Diaries” in an attempt to convey why I am devoted to this ministry and what it means to me, individually. Now, I am sharing them here so that those visiting this site to learn more about the ministry can hear the personal perspective.  Over time, we have been forced to adapt our routines and approaches to changing circumstances, so what you read here may,  in some instances,  not reflect the way we currently  do things in this ministry.   But the way the work impacts the women we serve, as well as the way it impacts us personally, as volunteers, is the same today as when these diaries were written.  Thank you for reading my Freedom Bus Diaries.      Kathie Gallagher